The Andersuns





The Andersuns have a new look! We welcome JaVon O. Stokes and his creative style for the Andersun family members.

The Andersuns are a wonderful family, father, mother, six kids and a dog! They love, play and even disagree, together. Let me tell you a little about them.

Ben Andersun is the dad. He works hard and always finds time to spend with his family.

Mae Andersun is the mom. She is a strong woman who appreciates her husband and cherishes her children.

Shana Andersun is their oldest at seventeen years old. She’s a quiet young lady, but speaks her mind when needed.

JaVon Andersun is the oldest boy at sixteen years old. He loves football and admires his dad.

Thomas Andersun is thirteen years old with an adventurous spirit and loves to test his limits.

Keturah and Jarrell Andersun are eight year old twins. Keturah has to study hard to get good grades, but she does. Jarrell is an ‘A’ student, but prefers to go fishing.

Tamanique Andersun is the two year old baby of the family. She is a happy little girl and her favorite toy is Tailor.

Speaking of Tailor, he is the family’s shaggy dog. He loves his family and will always protect them. He also has a feud going with the neighbor’s cat, Ginger.



Our new illustrator – Mr. JaVon Stokes.  Mr. Stokes graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), with a degree in 3D Animation and Sequential Art. Mr. Stokes developed his own freelance design company J.S.S. (JaVon Stokes Studios) which creates graphic design works and art-based products for various businesses.  Visit JaVon Stokes’ Website



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Jarrell's Sweet Tooth
Jarrell's Sweet Tooth
Eight year old Jarrell Andersun learns to make healthy eating choices after having a strange dream.
Price: $14.99
Keturah's Bedtime Story
Keturah's Bedtime Story
Keturah Andersun loves hearing the story about a town where letting your inner light shine helps others find their way.
Price: $14.99




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