New Book Helps Combat America’s Child Obesity Epidemic

The Andersuns – Press Release
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New Book Helps Combat America’s Child Obesity Epidemic “The Andersuns: Jarrell’s Sweet Tooth”  Reinforces Healthy Eating Habits Among Children



– According to Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move”  initiative against childhood obesity, over the last 30 years, the numbers have tripled and nearly one-third of the world’s children are obese. With a child obesity epidemic sweeping the nation, how can children learn it’s actually possible to have too much of a “good” thing?

“We have reached a place in our society where over-abundance and indulgence is becoming less fashionable and more detrimental,” says E. Diann Cook, author of The Andersuns: Jarrell’s Sweet Tooth. “As parents and adults, we need numerous learning tools to protect and enhance our children’s health and welfare.”

Cook’s new children’s book, published by Author House, uses the story of Jarrell Andersun—an eight-year-old boy with a giant sweet tooth—to reinforce healthy eating habits. One day Jarrell refuses to eat the dinner his mother prepares, so his mother puts him in a “time out.” While there, he has a strange dream that changes his mind about eating sweets instead of balanced meals and shows him the importance of healthy eating.

Cook also illustrated the book herself, and includes lyrics for an original song entitled “Veggies and Fruits.” She wants the song to increase the reader’s and/or listener’s comprehension of maintaining a healthy diet. The chorus of “Veggies and Fruits” includes: Apples, bananas, oranges, and peaches / Strawberries, grapes, all are delicious /Carrots and peas, more salad please / Veggies and fruits keep me strong and healthy.


Jarrell’s Sweet Tooth is the first in a series of books about the Andersun family. Each book will feature family members in learning situations that will captivate readers of all ages.


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About the Author:
Diann Cook is an Adjunct Professor at a local college and university with a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Arts Illustration Design and a Master’s Degree in Art Education. She also facilitates and instructs art workshops for all ages. Additionally, Ms. Cook is a youth advocate in the Greater Hartford, CT area, where she resides. Ms. Cook is also a vocalist who has performed and been billed with several recording artists.


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