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Art as a Matter of Life

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Art and The Andersuns

We are an artistically creative design choice that presents you with custom, affordable options. We are family oriented and diligent in our efforts to provide you with a quality product, crafted to your specifications. We offer "The Andersuns," a series of children’s books about the Andersun family, who use life’s lessons for growth. We also provide adult workshops for professional interaction and youth workshops for developing social skills through art projects.

The Andersuns

The Andersuns are a wonderful family, father, mother, six kids and a dog! They love, play and even disagree, together. Click the image to learn more about them.

Dijaro Designs Artwork

God gave us creativity, talents and gifts. We also have the ability to choose. When thinking about my choices for ways to enrich and share love in our lives, I choose The Arts. Click on the picture below to learn more.

Workshops for Youth & Adults

Our workshops are dedicated to provide programming for youth to give their imagination a creative learning experience. Our projects will develop a sense of community pride and self accomplishment for them, through the arts. Click on the image to learn more.